Avocado and chicken wraps

Ingredients: 5 Breasts Salt Pepper 1 Orange Dijon Mustard Oregano Tortillas: 500 gr. Of flour 000 240 cc. of water 5 Tbsp. Of oil Salt Filling: Bell pepper Avocado Red onion Lettuce Provolone cheese …

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Chicken Empanadas

Ingredients: 1 Whole breast 3 Medium onions 1 Bell pepper 4 Eggs Mozzarella cheese, grated cheese or cream cheese Tapas or disks for empanadas. Laurel Pepper Salt Preparation: To start we boil a whole breast or…

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The CALISA poultry processing plant began its activity in 2000. With the latest technology equipment and internationally certified quality processes, it ensures rigorous control throughout the entire traceability and food safety process.