Chicken with Crispy Citrus

Ingredients: 500 gr. Chicken cubes Lemon zest Orange zest Lime zest Mustard Sweet Potatoes Crispy Parsley: Chopped almonds Citrus zest Sesame seeds Breadcrumbs Salt Pepper Preparation: We open the pack…

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Avocado and chicken wraps

Ingredients: 5 Breasts Salt Pepper 1 Orange Dijon Mustard Oregano Tortillas: 500 gr. Of flour 000 240 cc. of water 5 Tbsp. Of oil Salt Filling: Bell pepper Avocado Red onion Lettuce Provolone cheese …

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Empanadas Fritas de Pollo

Ingredients: 1 Whole breast 3 Medium onions 1 Bell pepper 4 Eggs Mozzarella cheese, grated cheese or cream cheese Tapas or disks for empanadas. Laurel Pepper Salt Preparation: To start we boil a whole breast or…

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Escabeche, pollo, pollo relleno

Marinated chicken

Ingredients: 1kg of Chicken Breast 3 Onions 3 Carrots 1 Pepper Black Peppercorns 4 Cloves of Garlic Crushed chili, bay leaf, thyme, salt 1 Glass of white wine 1 Glass of vinegar (from…

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Pollo relleno, pollo, cocina

Stuffed Chicken

Ingredients: Chicken breasts Creamy cheese Filling No. 1 Garlic Mushrooms Parsley Salt Pepper Filling No. 2 Spinach Grated cheese Mayonnaise Mustard Preparation: Take the breasts and make a cut on the top without going through…

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Pollo, pollo con jamón, jamón crudo

Chicken breasts with raw ham

Ingredients: 2 Chicken breasts Parmesan cheese 4 fetas Raw ham 1 Kg. Potatoes Broccoli 2 Lemons Rosemary Oil Salt Pepper 2 Cloves of garlic Preparation: We take the breasts and cut them into…

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Gratin chicken

Ingredients: Chicken breasts Potatoes Onions Oil Olive oil Thyme Crushed chili Paprika Salt Pepper Cream of milk Eggs Mozzarella Sardinian cheese Preparation: We take some chicken breasts and cut them into small squares.…

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Milanese with tortillas

Ingredients: Rosti potatoes: 3 potatoes, peeled or not 1 onion cut into feathers 1 tablespoon of olive oil salt and pepper. Mayonnaise with sweet and sour cucumbers: 500 grs. of cucumbers 200 grs. of sugar 50…

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Orange chicken

Ingredients: 500g of sweet potatoes a sprig of parsley a sprig of thyme a sprig of rosemary a little fresh ginger 3 large oranges a glass of cider 1/4 cup of olive oil grains…

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