CALISA en Anuga 2023

CALISA participó por 10ma vez de Anuga, la Expo Internacional de Alimentos y Bebidas más importante del mundo que se lleva a cabo en Koln, Alemania. _Rodrigo Minguillón, Gerente de Comercio Exterior y Martín Campanella,…

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Inocuidad, inocuidad alimentaria, alimentos sanos

World Food Safety Day 2022

SAFE FOOD, BETTER HEALTH. CALISA of Grupo Motta and the Municipality of Crespo, joined efforts within the framework of Food Safety Day, which is celebrated today, June 7. The initiative spearheaded by…

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We pack it, you open it first.

Every time CALISA launches a new advertising campaign, the marketing area reaffirms its formula: communicate with simplicity, clarity and forcefulness. It is that, to achieve this, it has the main marketing tool: The Product.…

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Remote Idea 2021

LUDMILA POPP won first prize in the Remotta Idea? 2021 Edition with its project to create an online Myopathy Detection Tunnel, in chicken breasts. Ludmila joined Grupo…

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World Food Safety Day

Today, June 7, is World Food Safety Day. From Activate, the solidarity space of Grupo Motta, we highlight the importance of the 5 keys recommended by the World Organization of the ...

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The CALISA poultry processing plant began its activity in 2000. With the latest technology equipment and internationally certified quality processes, it ensures rigorous control throughout the entire traceability and food safety process.