Calisa products have comparative advantages that ensure superior and stable quality.

  • Ratings and certifications: It works under the norms BMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) involving personnel, infrastructure, facilities and equipment, maintenance and distribution. Food is produced under system HACCP which regulates and gives greater confidence to food safety in all its production processes, the plant is authorized for the EU, Canada, China, Chile, Russia and other countries. It has the certification FOOD BCR, world standard for food safety and international empowerment HALAL for marketing in the Islamic market.
  • Animal welfare: It works in compliance with the animal welfare of birds, at all stages under the guidelines of the European Union and the National Chicken Council.
  • Plant storage conditions: the chicken leaves the plant crystallized on the outside, at temperatures between -2 and + 2 ° c.
  • Classification A and B: Chickens are classified in A and B, according to their quality, regarding bruises, breaks, cuts, etc.
  • Integrated system with live bird supplier: producers with breeding sheds with high technology of environmental management, optimal nutrition (water and food) and animal welfare; complying with national SENASA and international regulations of the European Union.

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The CALISA poultry processing plant began its activity in 2000. With the latest technology equipment and internationally certified quality processes, it ensures rigorous control throughout the entire traceability and food safety process.