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Food Service (EM)
  • nuggets de pollo
    Chicken Nuggets
  • Milanesas de pechuga de pollo
    Chicken Schnitzels
  • medallones de pollo
    Chicken Breaded Burgers
  • milanesas de carne
    Beef Schnitzels
  • Filet de pechuga de pollo grillado
    Fully Cooked Chicken Grilled Filet
  • hamburguesa de pechuga de pollo
    Chicken breast burger
  • Alitas cocidas BBQ
    Fully Cooked BBQ wings
  • Patas de pollo rostizadas
    Fully Cooked Roasted Drumstick
  • Tiras de pechuga de pollo
    Fully Cooked Chicken Breast Strips
  • Muslos de pollo rostizados
    Fully Cooked Roasted Thighs
  • Pata muslo de pollo rostizada
    Fully Cooked Roasted Whole Leg
  • Cubitos de filet de pechuga
    Fully Cooked Chicken breast dices
  • Filet de pechuga de pollo horneado
    Fully Cooked Chicken filet
  • pultry oil - aceite byprot
  • Harina de sangre
    Blood Meal
  • Harina de vísceras
    Poultry Meal
  • Harina de pluma hidrolizada
    Hydrolyzed feather Meal
  • Carcazas de pollo
    Chicken Carcass
  • Menudos de pollo
    Chicken Giblets
  • Pechuga de gallina con piel y hueso
    Hen Breast Bone and skin on
  • Gallina entera con menudos IWP
    Whole Hen with Giblets IWP
  • garras de pollo
    Chicken Paws
  • cuarto de pollo
    Chicken leg quarter
  • taquitos de pollo
    Chicken Shank
  • puntas de ala de pollo
    Chicken wings tips
  • alas de pollo
    Chicken wings
  • piel de pollo
    Chicken skin
  • cresta de gallina
    Hen Crest
  • cuartos de gallina
    Hen Leg Quarter
  • alas de gallina
    Hen wings
  • patas de gallina
    Hen feet
  • gallina entera
    Whole naked Hen without giblets
  • corazones de pollo
    Chicken hearts
  • filet de pechuga de pollo
    Chicken breast fillet
  • cuarto trasero de pollo
    Chicken leg quarter
  • pata muslo de pollo
    Chicken whole leg
  • patas de pollo
    Chicken Drumstick
  • Pollo entero con y sin muslos
    Whole Chicken Broiler - Griller

Strict quality controls and international certification:


1700003JT Grade A Chicken WingsSoldier Layer Pack 15 kg
1700003JT Chicken Wings A Grade15 kg Soldier Layer Pack
1700013JT Chicken Wings grade B10 Kg Block
1700013JT Chicken Wings B GradeBlock of 10Kg
170002Chicken Back Room15 kg Layer Pack
170002Chicken Leg QuarterLayer Pack 15kg
170012Chicken Breast Filet 15 kg Layer Pack
170012Chicken Breast Filets Layer Pack 15 kg
170031Chicken Breast Filet 800 gr Bags, 9,6 kg Carton
170031Chicken Breast Filets 800 gr bags, 9.6 kg cardboard box
21000AB Grade Chicken Claws3-5 kg bags, 15 kg cardboard box
21000Chicken Paws Grade AB3 x 5 kg Bags, 15 kg Carton
210004Chicken Breast SkinBlock of 14 kg
210004Chicken Breast Skin14 kg Block
210006Chicken shellsBlock of 10 kg
210006Chicken Carcass10 kg Block
210007Chicken giblets10 kg, Bags of 200 gr
210007Chicken Giblets10 kg, bags of 200 gr
210010Chicken Hearts1 kg bags, 15 kg cardboard boxes
210010Chicken Hearts1 kg Bags, 15 kg Carton
180020Chicken Wing TipsBlock of 10 Kg
180020Chicken Wing Tips10 Kg Block
200021Chicken legs10 kg IQF
200021Chicken Drumsticks10 kg IQF
210001Chicken Feet3-5 kg bags, 15 kg cardboard boxes
210001Hen Feet3 x 5 kg Bags, 15 kg Carton
210002Chicken Crests3-5 kg bags, 15 kg cardboard boxes
210002Hen Crest3 x 5 kg Bags, 15 kg Carton
1706063JT Chicken Wings Grade A15 kg Cardboard Boxes, Block
1706063JT HEN WINGS A GRADE15 Kg Carton, Block
1706093JT Chicken Wings Grade B15 kg Cardboard Boxes, Block
1706093JT HEN WINGS B GRADE15 Kg Carton, Block
170607Grade A Chicken Quarters15 kg Cardboard Boxes, Block
170607HEN LEG QUARTER A GRADE15 Kg Carton, Block
1706010Grade B Chicken Rooms15 kg Cardboard Boxes, Block
1706010HEN LEG QUARTER B GRADE15 Kg Carton, Block
170608Chicken Breast with Skin and Bone15 kg Cardboard Boxes, Block
170608HEN BREAST BONE AND SKIN ON15 Kg Carton, Block


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The CALISA poultry processing plant began its activity in 2000. With the latest technology equipment and internationally certified quality processes, it ensures rigorous control throughout the entire traceability and food safety process.